3rd Dec 2015

We have landed safely in Miyazaki! We were greeted warmly at the airport by our host! An exciting learning journey starts for our Punggolites!


After lunch, Mr Chris Chan brought us to the Miyazaki Shrine. It is one of the oldest and most important shrine in the city.



Our students “cleansing” their body and mind before entering the shrine.

The PSS team was given the opportunity to meet the mayor of Miyazaki. Xavier Ang presented the PSS plaque to the mayor.



After a sumptuous dinner, the students retired early at the Miyazaki City Cottage. A long day awaits them tomorrow!

Reflections by Xavier Ang (2N2, 2015)

Today was an eventful and fulfilling day for me and my friends! I felt honoured to be able to represent my school and present our school plaque as a token of appreciation to the mayor of Miyazaki. Im glad to be given this opportunity to strengthen the friendship which was forged in July this year.